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Your horse will enjoy large 14’x14’ matted stalls, custom feeding programs, and the daily turn-out in our large fields.

Training & Lessons

Our students include all levels of riders; from the first-time rider learning the basics of equitation and horsemanship, to the serious "AA" show competitor.

For Sale/Lease/Sold

Juliet - A wonderful mare with a great attitude. A far more athletic mare than one would except for her size, Juliet is very enthusiatic about her job!

IEA Teams

Hillmar Farm Middle School IEA Team train out of our facility in Gainesville, GA.

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Our Services

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  Your horse will enjoy large 14’x14’ matted stalls, custom feeding programs, and the daily turn-out in our large fields. Offering quality boarding with personalized attention, stalls fill quickly so please call for availability.

Boarder Services Price List - 2015


  • Full Board: $785.00
    • Includes individualized feeding program with up to 3 feedings daily, stall cleaned twice daily, daily turn-out in select pasture in our large paddocks, veterinarian and farrir scheduled/holding and blaketing in winter
    • Includes standard feed & hay (fescue hay and Southern States Balance 12/6 pellets or sweet feed)
    • Purchase of a monthly lesson/training package required

  • Premium Board: $865.00
    • Same services as Full Board
    • Includes tack cleaning
    • Include upgraded hay and feed (timothy or alfalfa hay and choice of upgraded feed - see Feed Options list)
    • Purchase of a monthly lesson/training package required

  • Lesson Horse Board: $660.00
    • Limited availability
    • Horse's suitability must be determined by Trainer
    • Same services as Full Board
    • Horse must be used in lesson program at least twice per week
    • Purchase of a monthly lesson/training package required

  • Pasture Board: $410.00
    • Limited availability
    • Offered only to horses that need lay-up time due to injury or to retired horses
    • Includes supplement feeding, blanketing in winter (Horse Owner is retuired to provide a turn-out blanket for any pasture boarded horses), shelter and daily checks for injury or illness


  • All Boarders (except Pasture) are requied to purchase a Monthly Lesson Package of at least four (4) Lessons per month. If a Boarder's horse is unsuitable for riding for any reason, lessons may be taken on Hillmar Farm's lesson horses.
  • Payment for Lessons/Training Package is due in FULL on first of each month. Lessons and Training Packages MAY be combined. Client MUST notify Office Manager at the beginning of the month how man lessons/ride shall be purchased
  • All Lesson/Training Rides MUST be used within the month of purchase
  • It is Boarder's responsibility to schedule and use Lessons/Training Rides. Refunds will NOT be given for unused Lessons/Rides unless trainer was legitmately unavailable to ALL Boarders (IE out of town)
  • Lessons cancelled with at least 24 hours of advance notice OR same day cancellations with doctor's note may be made-up at no additonal charge within 30 days of missed lesson. Lessons cancelled with fewer then 24 hours advance notice without doctor's excuse will be subject to a $15 rescheduling fee

Facility Services

Service Cost
Deworming (required every 6 weeks): $15.00
Lunging (20 minute session): $35.00
Tack Cleaning $25 for bridle & Saddle
Mane Pulling: $30.00
Show Clipping (face & ears): $15.00
Body Clipping (face & ears): $150.00
Blanket Washing & Seasonal Storage: $35.00/per blanket
Medication: Varies: (inquire for specific medication price)
Wrapping $20.00 (includes poulticing, liniment, sweating and etc.
Trailering Services: (Roundtrip)

$50 to Alpharetta (Wills Parks)

$75 to Conyers (Internation Horse Park)

Other locations TBD (based on mileage)

* If a sedative is required for the performance of any service, there will be a seperate charge for medication used

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